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Do This in Remembrance of Me

This collagraph is a companion piece to It Is Finished and is in the Vatican's Museum of Contemporary Religious Art. Thirteen figures are seated at the table as Christ offers the bread and wine to his disciples. The table and cloth covering are represented from many changing perspectives, a reminder that everyone comes to the communion table with varying needs and expectations.

A collagraph is an intaglio printing process, which uses a built-up collaged plate made from a great variety of materials (strips of fabric, thread, alumionum foils, plants, marbel dust, acrylic modeling paste) that are glued onto the surace of masonite or cardboard. The surface is then painted or inked and run through an etching press at several thousand pounds of pressure, thereby transfering the paint and the texture to the surface of the paper. The process is completely repeated to create another print in the edition.

Collagraph mixed-media


16.5 x 24.75