Word as Image


Sandra Bowden's work is a complex meditation on time, incorporating Biblical archaeological references and ancient text in her art. The mystery of the word as a vehicle of communication across generations has been an important component of her personal iconography, using segments of language and text as design within the image. Her visual imagery is a provocative example of art centered both figuratively and literally in word.

The work in this show traces her interest and intrigue with the Word As Image, using elements from Biblical texts, ancient Hebrew, and medieval illuminations. She finds a source of mystery in the evolution of the word , visiblly recorded and presented historically in a variety of ways.

Images from her Text Series and Collage Series are included in this exhibition along with several from Bowden's Curcifixion Series. The natural progression of her work has led her to a new form with the introduction of artist's books. The text has now been presented in a three dimensional format using an actual book as the painting surface.


Word as Image come with 32 pieces of art. There is a charge of $250 for this exhibition which can be applied toward the purchase of art. Each venue is responsible for shipping.

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