Law and Gospel

The rich surface is a Hebrew text from the Ten Commandments, created by layering gold leafing on the collagraph print, then adding colored iridescent craypas repeatedly to the raised areas.

The Word of God consists of both Law—which reveals our mortal failures—and Gospel, which proclaims the forgiveness of sin through the unfathomable grace of God. Christians believe God assumed human flesh in Jesus Christ, who died as a sacrifice and the atonement for the sins of the world. The broken tablets of the broken Law give way to the Cross.

With one additional horizontal cut, the tablets of the Law become four quadrants, suggesting a cross. Jesus said he came to fulfill the Law. When we have finished an item on our list of items to be done, we put a line through it, marking it done. This is what I was thinking as I took the Law, marked it done, with a horizontal line, only to see a cross appear.

Collagraph mixed media


Two 18" x 14" panels

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