It Is Finished

The crucifixion is central to Christianity, a crossroad to all of history. Its magnetism has compelled artists for centuries to contemplate its meaning. The inscription above Christ's head reads, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin. Layers of fabric and other materials provide the surface texture. The crown of thorns has been constructed using old floor nails. The abstracted forms suggest the brokenness Christ endured, distorted by our sin in order to restore our relationship to God. Contained within the torso is a large arrow shape, thrusting itself into a flat broad area of red.

The plate is constructed by using textured fabrics and materials adhered to a masonite surface, then painted, and finally transferred to the paper as it is runs through an etching press.

Collagraph with acrylic painting


21 x 16